Students of Modi Institute and Training Center, Birgunj made an educational visit to Sano Paila’s School of Recovery and Reformation.
The students presented their concerns about the operations of the rehab. They wanted to know how rehab creates an impact on the community. Also, the students presented their curiosity about naming Sano Paila’s community rehabilitation center as the School of Recovery & Reformation.

The Program Coordinator of the School of Recovery & Reformation – Raj Kumar Tamang enlightened the students about the overall operations of our School of Recovery and Reformation, and Sano Paila.

Our School of Recovery and Reformation is a community-supported initiative through which we have been serving local youth affected by drugs and crime through awareness, rehabilitation, and support services in the rapidly growing communities of the Terai-Madhesh region of Nepal, including cross-border districts. With residential rehabilitation and treatment centers, known as the School of Recovery & Reformation in Birgunj and Janakpur. Sano Paila provides drug recovery, support, and rehabilitative services, including crime prevention among at-risk youth.

We shared brief information about other umbrella projects and their important existence in the communities.
Sano Paila is a people’s movement. We believe rehabilitation centers are learning hubs, fostering education and empowerment for individuals seeking recovery.

Creating Hopes, Empowering Communities!