The pandemic has hit the community once again. It’s time for every one of us to get united and win the battle against COVID-19.

As per the request of the Disctrict COVID Crisis Management Center (DCCMC) Parsa, Sano Paila handed over several types of equipment at the border holding center near Shankarcharya Gate, Birgunj. Sano Paila handed over COVID-19 Testing Booth, 2 pcs of Thermal Gun, 50 pcs of N-95 masks, 100 pcs of Surgical Masks, 20 pcs of face shields, 25 pcs of PPE, 200 pcs of Gloves and 10 pcs of protective glasses earlier this morning.

This will strengthen the capacity of the center where thousands of people enter into Nepal from India everyday. We would like to thank Mr. Bhimkant Poudel, Deputy CDO, Parsa for kindly receiving the equipment. Sano Paila has already started mobilizing its resources in minimizing the risks.

This is a people’s campaign. One for All, All for One.