Join us tomorrow, the 9th of December 2021, as we celebrate 15 years of Transforming Lives & Empowering Communities! We will celebrate our 15th birthday throughout the year with special events in various provinces of the country.
15 years ago, the development of political, cultural, and social awareness was advancing in the country in the form of a movement. Further away from the political developments and post-armed conflict mainstream, Terai-Madhesh was seeking its existence. It was weaving an equitable future that included its identity and rights.
At the time, we got organized, making the collaboration with local youth and community our first priority. The ownership taken by the local community and the local political, cultural, and social context motivated us to get organized. Consequently, we unified with a few friends and seniors and became Sano Paila. That Paila (step) continues to expand successfully. The diligence of the entire Sano Paila has been truly exemplary and laudable in this respect.
The Founding Day of Sano Paila is a memorable occasion for all of us, especially our members and volunteers, as it reflects upon implementing Sano Paila’s founding philosophy and celebrating its success. Our members, staff, volunteers, and supporters of past and present must be commended for the strides and sacrifices they have made. Our deepest appreciation to all of them on this memorable occasion.
It’s hard to believe that it’s already been 15 years since we first took our ‘little step’, but we are here and feel lucky to have come this far doing what we love. The love and support of the communities we work with, our partners, friends, and supporters are really what got us this far, and for that, we are forever grateful.
In the course of this 15-year journey of Sano Paila, we have felt even more responsible towards the community. We were able to complete this journey because of the trust and support we received from the community. We are grateful to everyone: social activists, entrepreneurs, politicians, media personnel, and government officials. We are hopeful that we will have your regular support in the days to come. Sano Paila family would like to express the commitment that Sano Paila will always stand firm to enhance the trust you have placed in us.
Congratulations Team Sano Paila for all your efforts and achievements!