With love from Karnali!
A MOU has been signed between Sano Paila and Birendranagar Municipality on 28 March 2022 for preparing a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan(SUMP) until 2024 AD. A multi-stakeholder discussion took place at the Municipality Hall which was well received by everyone.
Addressing the discussion, Mayor of Birendranagar Municipality Mr. Dev Kumar Subedi said β€˜A baseline study conducted 2 years ago proved the viability and importance of disabled, pedestrian & bicycle friendly infrastructure and a need for public and non motorized transportation system.The Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan will add green value and put Birendranagar Municipality in the Sustainable Mobility Map.”
Deputy Mayor Ms. Mohan Maya Dhakal of Birendranagar Municipality added β€œwe worked towards betterment for the citizens of Birendranagar in the past, the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan will pave a green pathways for Clean and Green Birendranagar.”
The participants of the meeting including different Ward Chairpersons of Birendranagar Municipalities also stressed on the need of people centric urban mobility plan. The initiative led by Sano Paila with grant support from GIZ, the Urban Mobility Plan of Birendranagar will be
prepared in coalition of consortium organizations comprising Story Cycle, Gd Labs and Cycle City Network Nepal.
Here are some glimpses of it.