On the occasion of National Children’s Day, Sano Paila takes a little step to aware children about “Good Touch and Bad Touch”.

In the past 15 years, Sano Paila has taken several steps towards mitigating the ongoing issues of the community. Sexual abuse in children at home and outside is a problem. Realizing the need for awareness about Good Touch & Bad Touch in children, we have come up with a campaign- ‘Sachet’. The campaign is a comprehensive session on Good Touch and Bad Touch where children will learn about the differences between appropriate and inappropriate touches, they suffer every day.

The campaign will launch tomorrow Bhadra 29 on the occasion of National Children’s Day and will be held in almost 52 community schools in Parsa and other neighboring districts every week.
You can join us tomorrow in the inaugural event at Bagahi School, BIrgunj – 28.

Sano Paila advocates for a safer and secure environment for the children at home and outside.