Sano Paila, in join-partnership with Hamro Sano Prayas and Stories of Nepal distributed ration and medicine supplies in Mellekh Municipality, Achham.
Relief supplies that could support a month in family were distributed to 100 families of Mellekh Rural Municipality, Achham. The supplies were distributed by focusing on 10 families of each ward and 20 specific families from the Dalit Community.
Similarly, medicine and other equipment related to COVID-19 were distributed to the health posts and centers.
Achham lacks basic medicines in its health posts and centers. With the second wave of the COVID-19, the situation of health centers isn’t good enough to tackle the pandemic. The Achham project was just a little step in the fight against COVID-19 from our side.
We would like to thank Sahayeta Nepal for the support and for making this possible. Similarly, we are grateful to Hamro Sano Prayas Team Kailali for their initiation and great work.
This is a people’s campaign. One for all, all for one.
Photo: Keshab Pandey