Youth Development & Empowerment

Sano Paila has trained and mobilized over 1,000 volunteers through 189 workshops and trainings focused on youth empowerment and dialogue. The organization has established partnerships with over 40 youth clubs and organizations.

Action against Addiction & Crime

Sano Paila established its flagship program, Action against Addiction & Crime (AAC), in 2007. The program is run by former drug users and ex-convicts and has been successful in reforming over 2,200 youth who have overcome their histories of drug abuse and criminal behavior. Through over 350 awareness programs and activities, the program has reached 89,000 at-risk youth. So far, over 1,100 peer-led volunteers have been trained through the AAC program.

Sunischit Bhawisya

Our Sunischit Bhawisya program in collaboration with Beyond The Orphanage cares for children at-risk and who don’t have parents or whose parents can’t look after them. Through our community-based children welfare homes known as “Sano Ghar”, we provide for holistic care; shelter, clothing, education, nutrition, health care and emotional support to 23 children in #Birgunj and #Janakpurdham. The aim is for each child to graduate with a vocation, diploma or degree and the life-skills to shape their own future.

Bharpet Bhojanalaya

Bharpet Bhojanalaya/भरपेट भोजनालय is a social enterprise initiative of Sano Paila that serves hygienic, quality, and nutritious meals at only Rs. 50/-. The initiative targets mainly to benefit daily wagers and low-income workers such as migrant populations, and rickshaw-pullers. In 11 months of operation, we have served more than 69,700 meals. The main objective of our initiative is to combat hunger and achieve food security in Nepal. We invite all our well-wishers to be a part of this mega campaign. Every bit of your help will encourage us to increase the number of meals. This is a people’s movement. One for all, all for one.

Kaasya: Reinventing Lives

Kaasya specializes in handcrafted jewellery that reflects the life, beauty and struggle of the Nepali people. Each piece is created by skilled jewelers who are deaf and mute, or survivors of trafficking. The team is a sterling example of hard work, determination and grit. The artists involved in the business have overcome many obstacles to get where they are. They have had more than their fair share of hardships and have found the courage to change their lives for the better. Kaasya is the first step towards that change. Buy a little, help a lot! It is a social enterprise intiative of Sano Paila. See our catalogue: https://sanopaila.org/kaasya/

Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan, Birendranagar (SUMP)

Sano Paila (A Little Step) with grant support from GIZ and technical assistance from Green Decision Labs Pvt Ltd (GD Labs), Cycle City Network Nepal (CCNN), and Story Cycle will be implementing the Mobility plan for Birendranagar Municipality, Surkhet for next two years. The primary objective of the Mobility Plan is to develop the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of the Birendranagar Municipality to improve the transportation system for roads and mobility management of the municipality to make it carbon-free and people-friendly.

Health Services

Sano Paila has provided health services to over 6,000 beneficiaries through 54 health camps. The organization has completed the Tuberculosis Reach Project Waves 3 and 4, reaching over 10,000 people for testing and treatment, including the early detection of TB in 100 children.

Literacy for Nepal

Sano Paila has established a high school and two libraries in rural Nepal and provided scholarships to around 300 students through its education wing.

Crisis response

Sano Paila offers emergency support to children and families during crises and natural disasters. Its network of local youth volunteers has successfully reached more than 300,000 individuals during events like the monsoon floods, winter waves, the 2015 earthquake, COVID-19 pandemic, and other critical situations.