Master’s in Nursing students and faculty members from the Nursing Department of National Medical College, Birgunj, visited our Children Receiving Home, Sano Ghar in Birgunj, earlier this morning as part of a field visit integrated into their academic curriculum.
The visit aimed to inform and educate the students about Sano Paila and its various projects and activities. During the visit, the students presented their concerns regarding the organization’s overall activities and its mission to deliver aid. They showed particular interest in learning more about the operations of the Children Receiving Home, Sano Ghar.
Sano Ghar, operated under the Sunishchit Bhawishya Project, provides long-term care, support, and education to at-risk children and those without parents through alternative family-based care, offering the attention and nurturing they need to reach their full potential.
We extend our gratitude to the management team of National Medical College for their visit.
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