Meet Amit, The Candy Boy!

As sweet as the candy he sells, the sweeter he is! He has an even sweeter smile that will compel you to buy a packet of candy from him.

Sano Paila’s team caught up with him as he was strolling by the streets of Birgunj selling cotton candies. Amit is a 14-year-old kid from Raxaul, India who comes to Birgunj every morning to sell candies and returns home in the evening. He is an orphan. He has a family of four siblings among which the elder sister is already married. Being the second and the only earning child of the family, he has a younger brother and a sister to look after.

Through his income, he has supported his younger sibling’s education and overall family requirements. He dreams of providing his siblings with education he lacked. Amit has been working hard to turn his imagination into reality. His sales depend on the places he chooses and how far he walks in a day.

So, make sure if you see him walking down the streets of Birgunj today, you buy a packet of candy from him so that he can support his dreams.

Buy a little, Help a lot!