Kaasya: reinventing lives

Kaasya is a socially responsible business that specializes in handcrafted jewelry created by skilled jewelers who are deaf and mute, or survivors of human trafficking.

Kaasya provides economic opportunities for vulnerable women and differently-abled persons, as well as sheds some light on human trafficking putting real stories and faces to the issue.

Sano Paila, dedicated to addressing social problems at a grassroots level, has dedicated the past years to helping the trainees evolve into artists via education and skills training to create beautiful jewelry that can be marketed both domestically and internationally.
We further educate and mentor them to consider jewelry making as a livelihood through our social venture Kaasya.

With the mission to help create a social venture from a project, Kaasya is a full-fledged business where the artists are shareholders. Sano Paila will manage and train the jewelers; market and sell the jewelry; handle financials for the business; and help in any other areas where Kaasya requires assistance for the growth of the company.

Sano Paila is creating social ventures such as Kaasya in order to cater to clients who are looking to shop responsibly. The success of Kaasya will allow Sano Paila to add more socially responsible ventures, and continue to help Nepali men and women climb out of poverty. Every jewelry piece that is created at Kaasya signifies the hope and resilience of its crafter. The belief that a sorry past does not dictate their future empowers the workers to create something beautiful to offer the world.
Forging the Path
The artists involved have overcome many obstacles to get where they are and the tea

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