Today, at our School of Recovery & Reformation, we conducted a family counseling session. This session aimed to educate the family members of the students who are currently undergoing recovery. The primary objective was to provide them with a comprehensive understanding of the daily routine and operations of our rehabilitation center.

During the sessions, we shared detailed information about the treatment measures implemented at our facility. We emphasized the importance of completing the entire treatment program to prevent relapse, highlighting the alarming rate of relapse cases. It was our intention to encourage parents to support their wards in undergoing a comprehensive drug treatment process.

Furthermore, we updated the parents on the progress made by their wards during the treatment. This allowed them to stay informed and involved in their loved ones’ recovery journey.

The briefing was conducted by our dedicated team members: Bhaju Patel, the Focal Person for the School of Recovery & Reformation; Raj Kumar Tamang, the Program Coordinator; Sanjeev Jha, the Counsellor; and Prakash Thapa, the Support Staff.

Sano Paila is a people’s movement. We believe rehabilitation centers are learning hubs, fostering education and empowerment for individuals seeking recovery.

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