Sano Paila family extends its heartiest congratulations to the newly elected Mayor Mr. Rajeshman Singh, Deputy Mayor Mr. Imtiyaz Alam, 32 Ward Presidents, and Members of the Municipal Assembly of Birgunj Metropolitan. We wish them great success during their tenure and look forward to the new administration advancing acceptance, inclusion, and development for children, youth, and women.
Birgunj is a special place for Sano Paila and is our hometown. It’s where we initiated our ‘first step’ towards community building fifteen years ago. Unlike many organizations that oversee most of their projects and programs in Nepal from the capital, our Head Office based in Birgunj oversees operations in Madhesh Province including that in Kathmandu, Janakpur, Siraha, Far-West, and Karnali as well. This comes with its challenges but this conveys the message of decentralization and supports us in being impactful at our primary sites.
As a friend and partner of Birgunj Metropolitan Office, Sano Paila looks forward to working with the new Municipal Executive and Assembly Members to deliver social and health care, and build opportunities for all our young citizens so that they can learn, grow and prosper in Birgunj. Sano Paila looks forward to working with them in improving the lives of people.