Sano Paila celebrated the International Day Against Drug Abuse & Illicit trafficking at the School of Recovery in Birgunj. A candlelight vigil was performed at the center in the participation of the students(clients) who are undergoing the treatment.

As per the theme ‘Share Facts On Drugs’ Raj Kumar Tamang, the Program Co-ordinator of the School of Recovery and Reformation shared data about the situation of drug abuse and Illicit trafficking in the context of Province 2. He also enlightened the students regarding his journey of Reformation.

Through our School of Recovery & Reformation, we have been able to reach 86,495 people and supported them in the last 14 years. We have treated and rehabilitated 1,963 people from drug and alcohol use.

Our youth development projects are transformative for both youth and communities. We not only rehabilitate and transform youth affected by drugs and crime but also provide leadership and workforce skills. There are currently more than 8 staffs, who are former drug users, working with us on a pay basis.

These former “troubled” youth embrace a newfound vision of themselves as positive contributors to their community.