How do you feel when you witness your child getting married? You feel a roller coaster of emotions, right? That’s how we all at Sano Paila are feeling now!
We feel extremely happy to share that one of our children at Sano Ghar-Birgunj, Apsara is now married. During a social gathering, last week, she got married to Mr. Rohit Agarwal.
Sano Ghar operated under Sunishchit Bhawishya Project provides long-term care, support, and education to at-risk children and children without parents through alternative family-based care providing the attention and care that they need to develop to their full potential.
Apsara came to us in 2015 after having experienced significant trauma. With the warmth and care of the community, she became the beloved older sister to the other children and started her small beauty salon.
Join us in wishing a very very happy married life to the newly married couple.