In collaboration with Paterwa Sugauli Rural Municipality and the Community-Police Partnership, Parsa, Sano Paila organized a session for the Action for Drug-Free Communities (ADFC) campaign in Sugauli of Paterwa Sugauli. The session’s main objective was to raise awareness among young people about the dangers of drug addiction and abuse.
The session was conducted by Raj Kumar Tamang, the Program Coordinator of the School of Recovery and Reformation, and our Communications Officer, Bibek Karn. Both speakers emphasized the alarming rate at which young individuals are unknowingly falling into the traps of drug addiction and abuse. Over 200 students and several community leaders, including Chief of Paterwa Sugauli Rural Municipality Dinesh Chaudhari, Deputy Chief Mamta Mahato, Ward Chairperson Basu Pajiyar, and School Principal Mr. Ramashankar Pd. Raut was present during the session.
Sano Paila extends its sincere gratitude to Paterwa Sugauli Rural Municipality, and the School Management team for their invaluable support and coordination in organizing the event.
This is a people’s campaign. Creating Hopes, Empowering Communities!