Action for Drug-Free Communities: Prevention and Awareness against Drug Addiction and Abuse!

Sano Paila, in collaboration with Paterwa Sugauli Rural Municipality and the Community-Police Partnership, Parsa, organized a session for the Action for Drug-Free Communities (ADFC) campaign in Nichuta – 05 of Paterwa Sugauli. The main objective of the session was to raise awareness among young people about the dangers of drug addiction and abuse.

The event was well attended by Inspector of Nepal Police – Ram Raja Keshari from the Area Police Office – Paterwa Sugauli, and Raj Kumar Tamang, the Program Coordinator of the School of Recovery and Reformation. Both speakers emphasized the alarming rate at which young individuals are unknowingly falling into the traps of drug addiction and abuse. Over 150 students and several community leaders, including Chief Dinesh Chaudhari, Deputy Chief Mamta Mahato, and School Principal Mr. Shyam Ghimire, were present during the session.

During the inaugural address, Chief Chaudhari, in his address, expressed deep concerns about the rapid increase in drug addiction within the jurisdiction of the rural municipality. He stressed that drug addiction is not only a significant social issue but also a serious public health concern that impacts individuals, families, and entire communities. Recognizing the complexity of the problem, Chief Chaudhari assured the audience that the municipality is dedicated to implementing concrete measures to combat this issue.

Deputy Chief Mahato shared her worries about the rising incidents of drug abuse and illicit trafficking, particularly among teenagers in the surrounding area. She urged the students to play an active role in spreading information about the dangers of drug addiction and abuse. Mrs. Mahato encouraged the students to stay focused on their goals and to avoid engaging in harmful activities.

Sano Paila extends its sincere gratitude to Paterwa Sugauli Rural Municipality, the Area Police Office – Paterwa Sugauli, and the School Management team for their invaluable support and coordination in organizing the event.

This is a people’s campaign. Creating Hopes, Empowering Communities!

May be an image of 11 people, people studying and text

May be an image of 11 people and people studying