Building Unified & Empowered Communities to Build Nepal

The Sano Paila Movement Integrating disenfranchised communities into the life
of the nation and empowering them to contribute
fully for the sustainable development of Nepal.
Our Impact Transforming Lives and Strengthening Communities We have a proud history of bringing Nepali people forward, empowering them and developing their skills
to solve their own problems, as well as solve challenges in their own communities.
Child Protection & Reintegration "Sunischit Bhawisya" - Securing Better Future We work alongside the Government of Nepal and other stakeholders to
rescue trafficked children and young people in exploitative and abusive
situations, while fighting both internal trafficking and cross-border
trafficking into India.
Livelihood Enhancement Kaasya: Reinventing Lives A social business specializing in handcrafted jewelry that reflects the life,
beauty and struggle of the Nepali people. Each piece is created by skilled
jewelers who are deaf and mute, or survivors of human trafficking.
Action against Addiction & Crime School of Recovery & Reformation A community supported, self-sustainable initiative primarily working on crime prevention and
rehabilitation of drug users which is run by a network of former drug users and ex-convicts. Since
it’s launch in 2007, our residential treatment centers, popularly known as School of Recovery and
Reformation has rehabilitated over 1300 individuals affected by drugs and crime.
Peacebuilding & Conflict Mitigation Nepal Peacebuilding Initiative We have been working in the area of peace building overcoming social distrust and
the legacies of conflict and political discord since 2010. We create forums that assist
in discovering the competencies that citizens could leverage tons step away from
violence and toward a just society.

Our Approach

Our unique community development
model embodies youth activism
and promotes diversity, inclusion,
leadership, good citizenship, and
positive thinking. Our programs
are diverse and target to improving
the lives of vulnerable communities
and bring positive change.

Our Impact

We have tackled a number of complex issues
to promote socio-economic progress and
enhance social justice in Nepal. Our team
has in-depth knowledge, established local
connections and draws along history of
work on a variety of issues effecting young
people and the community, including
community development and peacebuilding.

Our Commitment

We are deeply committed to gender
equality and social inclusion.
We have a strong ethos for
inclusive and sustainable
community development which
is accessible to all groups within
the community, especially the
most marginalized.

Our Focus


Building unified and empowered communities to build Nepal

Our focus areas span from youth empowerment, drug rehabilitation, to health improvement and advocacy, peacebuilding, crime prevention and reformation, anti-trafficking and child protection, access to education, livelihood enhancement, and crisis response. Each of the programs has local reach, breadth and ownership targeted to improve the lives of disadvantaged communities.

Our Partnerships

Our working modality is partnership and participation. Our greatest strength lies in our ties with local communities, ensuring our grassroots approach to development that lies at the core of Sano Paila. We have designed and implemented programs through an extensive network of local, national, and international development partners, and government agencies.

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